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White Glove Services

From start to finish of our client’s cloud migration we offer our no cost white glove service to ensure a successful project.

Business Advising

We will use our industry experience to provide unbiased recommendations for our client's current and future needs.

Design of new Plan

Once the client's needs have been evaluated we will design a plan for a move to a new cloud vendor

Narrow Vendor List

Within our portfolio of 220+ vendors, we will coordinate introductions and demos with the vendors that will best fit our client's current and future business needs

Contract Negotiations

Once all vendors have been vetted appropriately and narrowed down we will do a careful examination of pricing and contracts

Project Management & Go Live Plan

A project manager will be assigned who is responsible for every aspect of the project from start to finish.

Escalation Support

We provide real-time trouble ticket escalation on our customer's behalf.

Contract Renewals

During contract renewal we will ensure all pricing, upgrades, and support needs are met with a new contract

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Our specific industry experience within Sales and Engineering allows us to provide the customer with

The most customer friendly pricing & contracts

White glove implementation

Technical engineering support

Main Principle

Basin Park Tech is a business communications company built with the customers in mind. We use industry experience to ensure our customers receive the best solution for the lowest price. Offering a full suite of communications technologies and solutions we strategically design communication platforms to meet our customers' needs.


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